Why HD

V-EVO Durato Heavy Duty


The ultimate commercial floor

Designed for large open areas with temperature and humdity fluctuations that would damage most floors. V-EVO Durato HD was designed to perform even in uncontrolled spaces. Ideal flooring for high traffic, high use large areas. Overkill for a home, but if you want the best it is an option.


V-EVO Durato HD is produced on our best production lines with our best and most experienced quality control engineers. Continuing with our pledge to make the best flooring in the world; HD has no VOC's.


None at this time. Launches in November 2018.

Limited Availability

We offer our top of the line multi-layered engineered V-EVO Durato HD through a select group of flooring professionals. If they carry our HD, have confidence they are reputable dealers and service oriented.

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How far can you install without transitions? 400 linear feet without transitions.